Career Fairs

APRA will be attending the following career fairs:

University of Technology: 1 March 2017
University of Sydney: 13 March 2017
University of New South Wales: 15 March 2017
Macquarie University: 16 March 2017
AAGE The Big Meet: 17 March 2017

Meet with us to discuss how you can begin your career with a view from the top of the financial industry and discover how APRA plays a critical role in protecting the financial well-being of the Australian community. You will also have the opportunity to meet past graduates, managers and the HR team, ask any questions you may have, and find out how your degree aligns with the work carried out at APRA.

Information on key dates for the graduate recruitment process and how to apply for the APRA graduate program can be found on the following page: How to apply